Nelson's Bouquet

About the Painting



This is an original One of a Kind Watercolor called, Nelson'ns Bouquet. At the end of 2018, I drew this image as one of my daily drawings. About 6 months later, I added the flowers and the candy and then again in march of 2019, I painted it when I got the inspiration to create a complete deck of Fairy Oracle card. (See the Power of Art blog to learn more about the sequence of events which occurred that transformed my relationship with my husband.) This one is called Nelson's Bouquet and is named after my late husband Raymond Nelson (Daub). Ifyou read my blog you will see that I received communication with Ray as the painting came into 3-D focus. Our relationship had been left unfinished, at least to my sensibilities, but through this painting and a few "other dimensional" experiences, I was able to go well beyond closure into total unconditional love. No need for forgiveness- we are well beyond that.   Nelson will be available as a print or a card and later will appear in my Fairy oracle deck. Check Etsy for Cards and prints. 

What You Will Get


Nelson’s bouquet is an original 8" x 10" Watercolor painting double matted and framed. He is matted with a white mat lined with a metallic gold inner mat. The frame is a medium steel gray with a wood grain texture and a crackled charcoal and gold inner edge. The frame measures 15" x 18." The painting is signed and I'll also include a card on the back, which lists his title, the medium, my name, date and an inscription to you. Use the wire on the back for hanging. The framed painting will be sent through USPS and will be bubble wrapped and padded for safety. You will receive a hand written note from me as well. Shipping is included with the price. I'll send you the tracking number when it goes out. 

Let yourself live a little and light up your home and life with this powerful visual love story. I can even include a signed and  printed copy of the Blog for you. If you want more information or a better picture, contact me. 

Enid the Knitting Fairy


As I mentioned, this Elf painting will be included in my Fairy Oracle deck. I get inspirations for the meanings of my paintings as I work on them. This will be a powerful card discussing, forgiveness, Unconditional Love and the possibility of communication occurring outside of space and time. 

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I'll contact you through email once I receive payment. Unless, I am away from the office, I'll pack up your painting and send it out through USPS. You will receive the tracking number  when he goes out. Shipping included with price. 

Please contact me with any questions. 

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