Art for the Soul Workshops!

Aborigine Dot Paintings

We will create an image of your choice by creating dots in acrylic paint on a black canvas.

This is one of the favorite Art Workshops in which we create our own dot painting in acrylics!  I'll lead a short a meditation to get you focused and inspired. Then I'll guide you through the process. Each person will find their unique painting style and get a chance to share their thoughts about the experience in this Art for the Soul Workshop. I am currently offering this workshop June 15th for people to finish an already started painting or to do a one time dot Painting. 


3 hours

Limit 12

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Vision Journals

Vision Journal, Tissue paper Journal, Handmade paper, Collage, Textured Journal, Mary Wimberley

Ever wanted to have a special journal for specific purposes? In this Art for the Soul Workshop you will create a cover for a special journal using hand made papers, photographic images, tissue paper and more. As with many of my Art Workshops you will find the process fun, easy and very meditative. 


2 hours

Limit 12

Next Class 1-26-19!

Vision Shields

Fox's Heart, Vision Shield, Shamanic Journey, Totem Animal, Native American Symbols, Spirit Animal

This Art for the Soul Workshop usually comes after a Shamanic Journey where you have contacted a totem animal or other guiding spirit. You find which image portrays your experience the best and proceed to use oil pastels, markers and watercolor to create a meaningful image filled with symbolism. One of the more deeply soulful of the Art Workshops.


2.5 hours

Limit 12

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Watercolor Batik

Watercolor Wash, Wet on Wet Watercolor, Watercolor batik, intentional word, oil pastels, wax

In this Art for the Soul Workshop, you choose an intentional word or pattern to creating resistance to the unique wet watercolor wash we apply on top. You will be exploring the interactions of color and texture in this Batik styled painting. In all the Art Workshops we learn things about ourselves when we share our experience with others.

The results are definitely framable!


2 hours

Limit 12

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What People Say


Art for the Soul Workshop participants are surprised and amazed that they were able to create a unique piece of art! They consistently find the experience relaxing and fun, often bonding with their neighbors. They also are intrigued by how expressive their work is and how it reveals feelings and thoughts which were unknown to them. It is my delight to watch people unfold through my Art Workshops.

New Workshops!

Making masks, painting masks, sculpting masks, feather masks, Shamanic Journey Journal cover

New Art for the Soul Workshops gestating now! 

Some ideas are:

  • Masks-several types
  • Animal Silhouette Washes
  • Stained Glass Watercolor
  • Stone Mandalas
  • Talking Sticks
  • Spirit Dolls
  • Archetype Puppet Heads
  • Stairway to Heaven Collages
  • Shamanic Journey Journals
  • Personal Prayer Flags

I'd love to hear your ideas or thoughts about Art Workshops you would like to experience. 

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Next Workshop!

Dot Painting 2


Dot Painting 2 is for those of you who want more time and guidance to finish the paintings you started AND for those of you who would like to create a One Session Dot Painting on a smaller canvas. Even if you just want to be inspired and paint among friends in a comfortable atmosphere, that's fine too.   First I'll lead everyone in a short meditation to find inspiration and then we will proceed in a step by step process to create a meaningful Dot Painting. All will be worked on canvas. 

No Experience necessary.

June 22, 2019 from 2:00-5:00 at my House!


3 hours

Limit 12

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