Children's Book Illustrations & More...


What's the deal?

Most people know me as an artist but perhaps fewer of you know that Children's story ideas constantly pop into my head. Two are complete are just waiting for illustrations. I recently took up painting for this very purpose! So as I begin my journey into children's book illustration, I thought I'd let you in on the progress.

I have another passion. It's finding meaning and satisfaction in life by viewing our lives as The Hero or The Heroine's Journey. I am in the process of starting up a meetup group to stimulate creative storytelling.  Later I plan to create workshops and retreats to dive into our imaginations, find our passions, express creativity and consider the possibility that we really are the Heros of our own journeys. 

Okay, the truth is I have a lot of passions. Here's another one! This one is about the Fairy Folk and little people that live in my head and now also on watercolor paper and in my stories. You will be hearing about the various inhabitants of my personal Fairyland especially in the months coming up (March, April 2019) as I start painting fairies and fairy related peeps for my next oracle card deck.  In my first blog about it, you will see what inspired me to commit to getting my Fairy Oracle Card deck done by the end of April.  Follow me on Facebook to see how the artwork progresses. 

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